Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Funk

Tom and Ellie have been home, for Christmas break, from their colleges.

Emotions have been stirred, for sure.

When we were off, on our own, it seemed like we were doing "alright."

Being together, back home, has re-heightened our awareness of the missing link, T, and has put us all in sort of a funk.

I know we will each work our way out of it.

I just hope and pray we do it before our time together draws to a close.

Rolling along

"Grieving is like a roller coaster ride."
One day, the worst is over.
The next day, even the next hour, it seems like you've made no progress at all.

So true.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Beauty in each day

"While we are worrying and fretting and feeling sorry for ourselves, life slips away.

I will look around me now, this minute, and see what life holds.

Greet each day as its own gift-or it's own trial if it's that kind of day. But let's not bury the sunshine and beauty of this day under the shadow of a regretted future-about whose nature we can only speculate."-Martha Whitmore Hickman