Sunday, April 9, 2017

A good soul home

I know the real estate and house closing agents usually try to keep the buyer and the seller of a home apart.
My part of the closing went quickly.
As I was leaving the buyer was entering.
He said "it's great to meet you."
He then said he knows this is a very emotional day.
He knew we had lived there for over 23 years and he knew that T had died.
He said he and his wife knew our home was perfect the first time they walked through.
"Your home had a good spirit, it had a good soul."
He then thanked me for the privilege of being able to raise his family in the same home that I raised my family.
I got a little emotional as well.
I wasn't expecting this encounter.
We shook hands.
I don't think our home could have found a better new owner.


I've been in the apartment now for a little over a week.
Pros: no needing to keep up the yard and weed the gardens, no need for a pool/appliance/pest control/lawn treatment service, no need for a termite bond, home owners or flood insurance and no real estate/property taxes. Another pro is meeting some new folks.
Cons: smaller digs, a street light directly out my bedroom window, TNTC spiders and some occasional roaches and Dwight alerting/barking every time he hears a door slam shut. Another con is missing my old neighbors.

I'm getting used to less space, I hung black-out curtains in my bedroom, I know I'll get the bug situation under control and I suspect Dwight will get used to the doors slamming, at some point, down the road.

I miss chatting with my neighbors but it's good to meet some new ones.
It's all going to work out.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

No expiration date

I received an e-mail today that was addressed to Tori.
It was a reminder that her ARNP license would expire on 4/30/2017.

I can't tell you how many folks have approached me over the last year and 9 months to let me know she was the best, most caring health care provider they had ever encountered.
Her impact on their lives will never expire.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Not as expected

I heard from a friend recently.
She had gone out to lunch with a co-worker whose husband had recently asked for a divorce.
My friend had been through a divorce a couple of years ago.
She said it reminded her to give me a call.
I laughed and said "why did this make you think about me?"
She said that I was someone else whose married life had not turned out as expected and she figured she would touch base to see how I was doing.
I appreciated her call.
I didn't really have a good one-liner as a come-back.
She was right.
My life hadn't turned out as expected.

Can't judge a marriage by social media

A friend recently confided in me about all the trouble he is having in his marriage.
I had no idea.
His wife is an avid "poster" on social media.
All the posts look perfect-in fact, they appear to be a perfect couple.
But all is not as it appears to be.
This was a good reminder that once again, "most everyone you know is fighting a battle of which you may know nothing about."

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Broken hearts

Takotsubo syndrome is better known as broken heart syndrome.
It's felt to be a stressed induced cause of heart weakness-a cardiomyopathy.
Most recover but some succumb-die during the acute phase.

I also suspect many going through extreme stress/loss/grief have never been diagnosed.
We're the majority who just slowly recover.