Sunday, April 9, 2017

A good soul home

I know the real estate and house closing agents usually try to keep the buyer and the seller of a home apart.
My part of the closing went quickly.
As I was leaving the buyer was entering.
He said "it's great to meet you."
He then said he knows this is a very emotional day.
He knew we had lived there for over 23 years and he knew that T had died.
He said he and his wife knew our home was perfect the first time they walked through.
"Your home had a good spirit, it had a good soul."
He then thanked me for the privilege of being able to raise his family in the same home that I raised my family.
I got a little emotional as well.
I wasn't expecting this encounter.
We shook hands.
I don't think our home could have found a better new owner.

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