Sunday, April 9, 2017


I've been in the apartment now for a little over a week.
Pros: no needing to keep up the yard and weed the gardens, no need for a pool/appliance/pest control/lawn treatment service, no need for a termite bond, home owners or flood insurance and no real estate/property taxes. Another pro is meeting some new folks.
Cons: smaller digs, a street light directly out my bedroom window, TNTC spiders and some occasional roaches and Dwight alerting/barking every time he hears a door slam shut. Another con is missing my old neighbors.

I'm getting used to less space, I hung black-out curtains in my bedroom, I know I'll get the bug situation under control and I suspect Dwight will get used to the doors slamming, at some point, down the road.

I miss chatting with my neighbors but it's good to meet some new ones.
It's all going to work out.

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