Saturday, July 23, 2016

A surprise in most every cabinet

So many wonderful things mysteriously happened in our home over the years.

I would typically go to work on a day around a holiday and when I would get back home our house would be decorated.

Other times I would come home to a special treat-brownies, bundt cake or cupcakes.

My home is not large but does have a good amount of storage space.

I've been going through most every drawer and cabinet-drawers and cabinets that I never had a reason to go through before.

I've come across carefully stored Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Independence Day decorations.

I never knew we had 15 cupcake pans-all different sizes.

It's been emotional but time has helped.

I know I couldn't  have done this 6 months or so ago.

I'm saddened but more than anything just so incredibly thankful that we had such an amazing life together and that she made such an incredible home for us.

Just so truly thankful.

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