Wednesday, December 23, 2015

6 months and counting

Yesterday marked 6 months without T.

Both children are home for the Christmas holiday and that's been great.

I've been off this week from work as well and that's been good and bad.

Good because of more time home and bad because of more time home.

At work I'm distracted from my thoughts of T.

I know it's also tough on Tom and Ellie.

At college they're distracted from their thoughts of their Mom.

I'm committed to continuing to make the most of life and doing the very best possible for my children.

I'm committed to presenting the most positive example in terms of emotions to my children and to others.

Although I feel like I've aged a decade over the last 6 months I know I haven't.

Acting as if you are totally OK just seems to take a lot out of you energy-wise.

I'm committed to enhancing my faith.

I've been doing a lot of self talk lately.

About 6 months worth.

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