Monday, February 1, 2016

Worth every second

I recently read a story about a dog owner who had to put his dog down due to cancer.

He wasn't sure if he would ever want to have another dog in the future because it just seems to represent a "countdown to sorrow."

That's such a depressing way to look at things.

Our dog was on clearance at the puppy store last November.

To be honest I liked the sound of that-the clearance part-when Tori told me we were going to look at a puppy.

No one had claimed him and he was already three months old.

I suspect he would have been put down if he went unclaimed.

Tori held him for about 5 minutes before he climbed up her chest and started to lick her.

She knew he was the one. We didn't look at any other puppies.

Dwight's been fun, gets me up in the mornings and just loves to hang out.

He's become sort of famous in our neighborhood. Everyone loves him. He's a buddy.

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