Sunday, June 19, 2016

Keeping it personal

Father's Day seems, at times, to have become a contest to write the most impressive personal message to your father or husband, thanking him for being the worlds best father, and to then post it on social media for ALL to see and comment; instead of just sending the individual a message, note or card.

I heard from my son and daughter today for Father's Day.

One Father's Day, years ago, when for some reason I was temporarily feeling unappreciated, I noted to Tori that I felt last in line in the family, in regards to her attention; even beneath our dog.

She smirked and wanted to know if I wanted to pick up some additional chores and duties related to our kids and dog.

She always kept it real by a simple reality check.

I quickly came off my pedestal.

But then she and my children presented me with a framed home-made certificate that was entitled "Billy's Fan Club."

She was the president of the club, and my #1 fan, and my kids and our dog were members.

I never again felt unappreciated. It still sits atop our piano.

I smile every time I look at it.

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