Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A cook and a dishwasher

I actually made a meal tonight-my first one-not kidding-day #64 of life without T.
I've been getting take-out at Panera or Outback every night.
T was an amazing cook.
In all our years together she only made one dish that I wasn't a huge fan of.
I love tuna fish, tuna fish sandwiches and tuna melts, but for some reason I have never liked tuna casserole.
Very early in our years together she made tuna casserole a couple of times.
She noticed that I would only take a small helping and would never go back for seconds-a rarity.
She finally asked me why and I admitted to my dislike.
She never made it again.
She cooked and I always did the dishes.
That was always our deal. She never failed to cook a great meal and I always did the clean-up.
But tonight I made pasta with marinara sauce, meatballs and a salad.
I sent a picture of the spread to my children (who are both at college) before I consumed it.
It was actually very good.
Then I cleaned up.
I've lost 25 pounds since T died.
Maybe I'll stop losing more weight now that I can be a cook and a dishwasher.

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