Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tom's Memorial service tribute

It is impossible to do my mom’s life a justice by simply saying a few things about her. I think the best way that I and my family can honor her is by attempting to live our lives in a way that she would herself. I tried to pick out a few qualities that embodied the amazing woman that she was, and they are qualities that I hope will one day describe me as well.

-be selfless: she never put herself first, whether at home, at work, or anywhere else. She was dedicated to serving others and making their lives better. The amount of things that my mom did for myself and for others was so great that one can only begin to comprehend it all.

-be compassionate: helping others wasn’t just something she did because it was a job or that she was a mom, but because she genuinely cared. It did not matter whether it was someone that she liked or disliked, she was truly just a warmhearted individual.

-be humble: one reason why my mom was such an under-the-radar superstar was due to the fact that she never bragged or made a big deal about any of the incredible things she did. She took pride in others’ joy and happiness even more than her own.

-be resilient: My mom had a turbulent childhood at times. It not only shows me that hard work truly does pay off, but also that the end of her life does not signify the ending of me, Ellie’s, or my dad’s lives either. She represented the epitome of overcoming adversity and continuing to thrive, and I know that her wish would be for us to continue to live as fulfilling, prosperous lives as we can.

-find joy in experiences: my mom knew the value of a family vacation, a game night, and a laugh on a walk around the neighborhood far outweighed the pleasure that material possessions could ever achieve. The lifestyle of my family is one that hopefully I can recreate with my own family one day.

My mom was an incredible person whose combination of common sense, intellectual capacity, and love molded and shaped me in ways that I probably don’t even realize yet. The end of her time on earth in no way signifies the culmination of her legacy.

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