Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 61

It's day 61 since my wife died.

It continues to be a day of emotions that are all over the place.

I went to a men's group this morning sponsored by a local church that discussed the importance of men having relationships with other men in order to hold them accountable in life.

While there was some useful information, I found myself having to frequently talk myself out of crying whenever someone would mention the word "wife."

For the most part I am doing better.

I recently came across another blog entitled "Lost without Her." The authors wife died suddenly at age 43. He still had four children at home. One entry ends with a reminder of how the authors wife would want him to spend the rest of his time on earth. She would want him to "smile, open his eyes, love and go on."

It's been my mantra today.

It helps to a degree but still doesn't stop the waves of emotion.

It does seem to keep me from drowning, however, and that's a good start.

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