Sunday, October 11, 2015

She had a vision

T was an avid reader.
Prior to her Kindle she made almost a weekly trip to our public library.
Once she had her Kindle she downloaded, on average, 3-5 books a week.

So many people have been shocked to learn that she had a turbulent childhood.
Family dysfunction, divorces, court proceedings, kidnappings, etc.
It took me years to tease out much of the information because she never really wanted to talk about it.
She did let me know that as a kid, in the midst of chaos, she would find her safe haven alone in a room with a book.

She didn't have the benefit of having a stable family life as a model to follow when she became an adult.
I don't know exactly what she read as a child but I suspect, through some of her readings, she was able to envision a perfect family.
She achieved her vision.

She was a relatively small woman in stature but such a strong person, intrinsically, who was determined to never let her past affect her future.

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