Friday, September 4, 2015

A little help

"...but the reality is that children and young adults are typically the forgotten grievers."
I worry about my children.
Both are back at college.
We talk more now than we ever have in the past.
My daughter was with me when we witnessed my wife collapsing on June 18th as well as all the resuscitation attempts in our home by the rescue squad.
We were all with her when she died 4 days later.
I have always had a pretty solid relationship with both children but my wife was ALWAYS their preferred counsel, text message or phone call.
She had this amazing ability to, no matter how much she may have been multi-tasking prior to them asking her a question or wanting to discuss things, give them undivided attention and straight forward advice whenever truly needed.
I would often eavesdrop on the conversations, and occasionally join in or offer some input, but frankly I don't think I ever disagreed with whatever advice my wife gave them at the time.
I always thought my wife needed to write a book on raising children.
She was just so wise.
I know she would have been much better at offering guidance to my children if I had been the one to die first, and I should have been.
Quick fact that probably isn't really that surprising-widows currently outnumber widowers by approx 8-10:1.
I talked to my son earlier today.
Thankfully, he started counseling at his school and felt as if the first session was helpful.
He goes back again next week.
My daughter also let me know today that she is meeting with her small group leader for young-life at her school this weekend.
I should sleep a little better tonight.
I'll make a call for myself in the near future as well.
I know my children will sleep better when I do.
I know they're worried about me as well.

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