Friday, September 11, 2015

Minus one

For the last year, Friday nights were pretty quiet around our house.
For many years prior we were either attending a sporting event for our son or Tori and Ellie were traveling to or already doing practice rides for whatever horseshow Ellie was competing in for the weekend.
With both kids in college, Friday nights now usually represented a night off so to speak.
It allowed us to sort of re-group after a busy work week.
It was just two dudes and a babe relaxing, watching TV (me), reading (T) or chewing on a chew-toy (I'm pretty sure you guessed our dog Dwight).
Dwight and I sure miss seeing our babe siting on the couch next to us, wearing an old, comfortable baggy t-shirt and pair of boxer shorts, while reading her kindle.
It was nothing fancy, just exactly what was needed.

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