Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wasn't there a doctor in the house?

A house in our neighborhood recently had a fire.
It quickly spread through the attic and by the time it was extinguished it was considered a total loss.
The owner of the home is a fireman.
He was on duty, at work, the night of the fire.
I have heard many neighbors mention how ironic it is that a home belonging to a fireman burned down.

I witnessed my wife slumping over, while sitting on our couch, on June 18th.
I wonder how many of my neighbors think it's ironic that my wife basically died, at home, in front of her husband who's a doctor.

Grief is associated with feelings of sadness, guilt and anger, among others.

I've read that thoughts during grief can vary from "there's nothing I could have done about it" to "it's my fault, I could have done more." Grieving behaviors run from crying to laughter, and from sharing feelings to engaging silently in activities like cleaning, writing or exercising.

The above paragraph has been spot on.

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