Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Everything that was needed

I cleaned out the Toyota van in order to get it ready to be sold.
The center console was full of pens and pencils, a notepad, tooth-picks, Kleenex, sunblock, hand lotion, pony-tail hair bands and baggies.
All items that T knew the kids might need and would have forgotten to pack for themselves.
The baggies were due to the fact that when younger, and occasionally even as a young adult, our son would get motion sickness and need to throw-up either during or shortly after arriving to a destination in our car.
She was always prepared.

For a car trip of any length, she also always had a cooler packed with water, Gatorade and snacks.
It's been wierd walking by the un-used coolers in our garage over the last few months.
It's not until I'm driving somewhere and am either thirsty or hungry that I remember that, once again, I failed to adequately prepare.
I wonder if I ever will.

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