Thursday, September 17, 2015

A tough day

Yesterday was a pretty crummy day emotionally.
It was my Dads birthday and it's always sort of been a day of reflection since he died in 2001.
Could I have been a better son?
Did I thank him enough for being a great father?
At the same time, I was having thoughts of:
Did I tell Tori enough times that she was a great mother and wife?
Did I tell her enough times how beautiful she was, inside and out?
I also  ran into a neighbor who had been away around the time of her death.
He stopped on his bicycle when he saw me walking Dwight to say how sorry he was to have heard the news.
He went on to say "it must have been Gods will. God must have needed a great nurse up in heaven."
I'm sure he thought he was saying something uplifting.
It didn't have the desired effect.
Throughout the day I kept hearing his same words in my head and it made me even more contemplative.
Many will think otherwise but I don't believe her death was Gods will.
I plan to never say the same thing to someone who has lost a loved one in the future.

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  1. I tried to post a comment and it disappeared

    Just know you've got friends. Hang in there Bill.

    Mike Farrell