Monday, September 14, 2015

It sure was nice

It was always so convenient in the past to call each other if, for example, one of us had car trouble.
If there was a long anticipated arrival time of AAA we could meet which ever one was stranded to offer relief or we could pick up the other after the car was loaded up on the tow truck and on the way to our mechanic.
It's a perfect example of how great it is to have a partner to share life's many inconveniences.

It's a 90 degree day with about 100% humidity.
I just finished grocery shopping and the car won't start.
AAA thinks they can be here in about 90 minutes or so.
I'm hoping it's just my battery-that would be a total bonus.
If not I'll figure out someone to call for a ride home.

I came across a statement from a blog written by someone else who had lost his wife:
The author notes "we shared problems with each other and while we weren't often able to offer real solutions, a problem shared is a problem halved."

It's wonderful to split your problems in half.
I miss it for sure.

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