Sunday, September 13, 2015

No interest in going back

For many years we had a favorite Tex-Mexican restaurant that we ate at almost once a week.
The restaurant originated in our home town and has since been franchised with multiple sites around Florida and in neighboring states.
For no less than about 6-7 years there was a weekly credit card charge for almost the same amount because the 4 of us would order the same thing every week.
The amounts would have been exactly the same except for the slight increase in prices that occurred over that span of years.
We loved eating there.
It was uncanny how we often all 4 of us would get a craving to want to eat there.

We ate there before the same night T collapsed in our home.
The three of us haven't gone back.
I get nauseous every time I drive by the one in our town as well as whenever I see their restaurant sign somewhere while traveling.

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