Saturday, September 19, 2015

A model bug

T never wanted to own a mini-van.
She wanted an SUV when the kids were young and then she hoped to get a yellow VW bug (Bettle) when Tom and Ellie graduated from high school-her dream car.
However, we rented a mini-van for a trip once and she saw how convenient it was to be able to get up and walk around in order to meet all the kids needs while we were traveling-deliver juice boxes and snacks, change DVD's and diapers, etc.
She felt it was much more functional than an SUV for families and traveling.
We literally went out and purchased one the day we got back from that trip.
We put a ton of mileage on our two vans-the first was a Chevy Venture and the most recent (purchased in 2004) was a Toyota Sienna.
For about 5 years she and Ellie traveled all over the east coast to horseshows, usually once or twice a month.
The van was always packed to its limits.

Many years  ago, I gave her a model of a yellow VW bug that still resides on a bookshelf-it was a reminder to her that I had not forgotten her wish.
When I dusted it today, while doing housecleaning, it brought back a flood of memories.
Included was the realization that she never got to own her dream car.
She always placed the care of our family over her own desires.
I'm sure she dusted the same model many times over the years.

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